reduce High Blood Pressure naturally

Before knowing How to reduce High Blood pressure naturally one has to know what is High Blood pressure also known as Hypertension is one of the consequences of modern lifestyle like myopia, diabetes, mental tension, and heart disease. Blood pressure has its origin in the hardening the arteries and results in heart disease.

What is High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure means blood flows under higher or greater pressure. It is also called Hypertension. When the arteries become hard and brittle the pressure of the blood rises and result in heart disease. As the arteries are contracted, the blood pressure increases in the blood vessels when circulating the blood, As the blood pressure increases problems arises in the function connected with the heart.

Causes and symptoms of High Blood Pressure


The Main cause of high blood pressure is stress an d faulty life style. If a person is tense for each and every thing we can say that he is suffering from hypertension that is high blood Pressure. If the stress continues for the long time it becomes permanent it can not be solved easily.

The irregular life style, smoking, excessive use of intoxicant, tea, coffee, cool drinks, refined foods destroys the natural structure of life due to this the waste and poisonous substances are accumulated in the body and is prevented to eliminate.

Due to which the arteries and veins becomes hard, obesity, diabetes, Diseases of kidneys, Hormonal disorder and mental tension, Excessive consumption of Alcohol, Drugs, Lack of exercise and constipation may also lead to hypertension. Other reasons for the causes of high blood pressure are excessive intake of pain killers, common table salt, food allergies and eating a high fat, low fiber diet, processed foods deficient in essential nutrients.


Mild and moderate blood pressure do not show any symptoms for years. A form of pain may appear on the back of head and neck during wake up in the morning and disappears soon is the first symptoms. Other usual symptoms of blood pressure are:

  • Palpitation(Irregular action of the heart caused by excitement or disease)
  • Pain in the heart region
  • frequent urination
  • nervous tension and fatigue
  • emotional upset and tiredness
  • Headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Breathing difficulty on excretion
  • dizziness
  • ache and pains in the arms, shoulder region, neck, leg and back etc.

A Person suffering from hypertension cannot work for a long time he gets tired very soon. He may experience breathing difficulty and suffer from dyspepsia. If not treated in the initial stages it may result in heart attack and stroke.

3 ways to reduce high blood pressure naturally

Nature Cure

  • Diet plays a very important role for the person suffering from high blood pressure. Food containing very small amount of salt and fat are considered as ideal for the person with high blood pressure. If a person suffer from High blood pressure he has to change his eating habits. Avoid hydrogenated oils, Keep bowels clear, Avoid mental stress, take one tsp of almond oil with a cup of milk at bed time. Take garlic paste with buttermilk. Exercise and rest along with balanced diet is essential. Keep away from worries, anger and tension. Reduce protein intake stick to vegetarian diet. and Only by self control and giving up their worst eating habits can reduce high blood pressure naturally.
  • Shavasana is the unfailing remedy to reduce high blood pressure. shavasana must be performed for 10 minutes two to three times daily. along with light exercise is also essential.
  • Magnetotherapy is also proved to reduce high blood pressure naturally. Magnetic wrist belt should be continuously worn on the right wrist. The south pole of the small magnet should be kept on teh forehead for 15-30 minutes ,2-3 times a day. The north pole of a small magnet should be kept on the joint connecting great toe and the first toe of the foot.


Fasting does not mean to avoid food, it has a wider meaning, Fasting is a science as well as an art. It influences the psychological and emotional areas of our life. The common meaning of fasting is abstinence from every type of food for a fixed period of time.

The word fasting originated from fasten means to stay firmly and securely. Now to reduce high blood pressure naturally fasting plays a important role.

So start Fasting as it gives you a pleasant and remarkable change. during fasting harmful toxins are eliminated from the body, muscular pains are reduced, kidneys, adrenal, thyroid, phlegm glands regain to their natural state.

Consequently blood pressure also decreased to the natural levels, and remains normal even when the food is taken, and it does not go up as long as you maintain a correct diet and follow the health rules. In case of medication, medicine are given to the patient to bring down the blood pressure here the effects of the medicine on the blood vessels and the circulation of the blood is so bad that all become weak. you can buy Blood Pressure Machine here.

They reduce the blood pressure as long as you take the medicine but the cause of the disease remain same. It is not the natural way to reduce blood pressure, so fasting reduces the blood pressure without any external pressure. The parts of the body becomes healthy and well protected.

It provides a permanent and natural advantage to the patient. Be patience and put your own efforts with the help of fasting by giving up the poor eating habits and some sacrifice

Juice Diet

Juice diet play a important role in curing many diseases. Juices cleanse the blood and remove toxins and other harmful elements from the body, prevents degeneration of the body and procure ingredients that are required for reformation and regeneration of the cells of the body. That is why juice treatment is the sure benefits for all types of diseases.

To reduce high blood pressure naturally, juices of garlic , basil and wheat grass are beneficial. juices of carrot, beetroot, onion, radish, spinach, cucumber, papaya, alfalfa and orange can also be taken, do not take fat saturated items like ghee, butter and vegetable ghee etc.


Exercise Plays an important role to reduce high blood pressure naturally. Walking, cycling, swimming and jogging is the excellent remedy which help in curing hypertension, buildup the muscles, and aids in circulation of blood which in turn reduce high blood pressure naturally.

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